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Deep Dive into the Concept of Exchange Server Database

In this article, we are going to see what exactly the Exchange server database is and its working functionality. It will be a kind of deep dive into the concept to make you understand better. Introduction: Ever wondered how your mails are getting stored in the Exchange server? What exactly happening in the background? If you are not sure then no worries, this article will clearly explain how it is happening in the background. We need to look at the various stages in order to understand its...

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Exchange Management Console of Exchange 2010 – A Brief Introduction

In this article we are going to see about the introduction of the Exchange management console and some of the primary differences from the previous version. Introduction: In Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft introduced Exchange management console (EMC). Prior to that, it got Exchange System Manager for Server 2003.  They have continued the Exchange management console in Exchange 2010 also but with an upgraded version. Now it got its own virtual directory!! To access the Exchange management...

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