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Deep Dive Email Address Policies in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to look into the concept of email address policies, which is helpful to stamp the required SMTP address on each users. Introduction: In Microsoft Exchange, you can repeatedly hear this word policies like Retention Policy, Address Book Policy etc., because most of the functions, tasks are performed by the assigned policies. In this article, we are going to learn about one such policy called the "Email Address Policy". What is an Email Address Policies? In simple...

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All About Public Folders in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see about public folders in detail which is available in all Exchange versions. This article will concentrate on public folder in Exchange server 2010. Introduction: Public folder is not a new concept in Exchange server. It was created way back in older version. In spite of multiple discussion, Microsoft has not removed it any of the Exchange version till now. It is still continuing in Exchange 2016 server. The architecture was redesigned in Exchange 2013....

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How to Change and Reset the Location of Outlook New Mail Alert

Outlook New Mail Alert always pops up in the bottom right corner of Desktop. Of course, we can also change it to a more striking location, like the middle of the screen. This article will discuss about how to change and reset its location. To be honest, I’m very dependent on Outlook New Mail Alert, which prevents me from missing any important emails. In addition, so as to make it more arresting, I move it to the middle of my Desktop. Now I will introduce the approaches to adjust and...

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