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4 Methods to Make Outlook New Mail Desktop Alert to Stay Longer

Someone thinks that the duration of Outlook new mail desktop alert is too short. In this article, we will expose 4 effective approaches to make the alert to stay longer. By default, Outlook new mail desktop alert will stay for 7 seconds only. In other words, the alert will disappear after 7 seconds automatically. Therefore, if you aren’t beside computer, you may miss the alert and even miss the important emails. If you would like to change the alert duration, here are 4 handy methods for...

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2 Solutions to Make Your Word Document Look Same on Different Computers

This article is devoted to showing you 2 solutions to make your word document look same on different computers. There are times when you create a word document in one computer and apply a quite unique font for it. So your file will look attractive. However, what if you open the Word file on another computer in which there is no such font type you used? Doubtlessly, your file look can be less desirable. Then how can you ensure your Word document look the same on different computers? It’s...

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4 Effective Methods to Delete Blank Rows in Your Excel Worksheet

There will sometimes be many blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Here we will present 4 methods to delete blank rows in your worksheet. In the image below, you will find that there are many blank rows in the range. Because you need to do some calculations for the range, you have inserted many blank rows into the range. And now it’s time to delete those rows. Below we have 4 methods to delete those blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Method 1: Delete Manually This is the most ordinary...

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