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How to Modify the Timeout Value Applicable for Access SQL Queries

In this article we look at changing the default timeout value placed in Ms Access for running queries Often while using queries in the MS Access application as well as SQL Server, there are instances when your query might time out, before you can get the query results. Many users of the applications are unaware of the possibility of modifying query timings in both the applications. Although both the applications greatly vary in their capacities to contain data, similar kind of procedure is...

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3 Means to Change the Default Font for Outlook Incoming Emails

If the senders haven’t specified the font for the email, when you receive and open it, Outlook will use “12pt Times New Roman” automatically. This article will tell you how to change the default font for Outlook incoming emails. In some email clients and web mail services, there is no native support to apply a specific font to the email even though it is in HTML format. In such a case, when the email lands into an Outlook mailbox and the receiver open it, the email will be shown in...

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6 Main Problems Caused by A Large Access Database

In this article we look at issues caused by a bloated Ms Access database There can be two different definitions of a large Access Database. One might consider a database with lots of tables and thousands of records as a large database. Whereas someone else may consider a database with thousands of queries, objects, reports etc as a large database. Both the definitions and interpretations are correct, and whether a database is large due to lots of records or due to lots of queries, forms and...

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