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How to Create Signature in Outlook

Have you ever met the situation that your mail to others was considered as junk email? If you have a signature in your mail, I believe, your email won’t be classified into junk emails. At present, apart from telephone and various social media, email is a more official way to communicate with our business partners and colleagues, etc. It is apparent that email is playing an increasingly important role in our daily work. However, some email clients like MS Outlook have the function of...

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How to Make Outlook to Be Your Private Assistant

Microsoft Outlook is not only an email client, but also features calendar, tasks, contacts and so on. In this article, we will learn how to create a reminder of our daily assignments by task manager.  In our daily work, we have many assignments, none of which could be missed. However, at times we might forget some of them, which would result in our boss’s serious discontentment. And perhaps we would even be required to spend more time to make up our mistakes. Under this circumstance,...

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Quick Tips to Make Outlook Mailbox Colorful

Perhaps you have been tired of Outlook mailbox in the totally same color. In this article, we will learn to make our mailbox well-organized in different colors. Every time you open your Outlook mailbox, you may be tired of seeing a massive number of emails, due to the fact that all the emails are in the same color and font size. In this situation, visual fatigue may occur to you, resulting in troubles to figure out where these emails come from. Confronted with this situation, you could...

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