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How to Add a Colored Horizontal Line to Outlook Signature

So as to separate email message body from signature more clearly, you can add a horizontal line in the signature. This article will focus on this issue and offer a handy approach. When I receive an email which contains a long content, I notice that the boundary between message body and signature is unsharp. Therefore, I wish that this kind of situation won’t occur to my outgoing emails. So I would like to design and add a colorful horizontal line to my Outlook signature. Here are the...

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How to Print Your Outlook Email with Background Image

When printing an email in Outlook, you may notice that its background color and image cannot be printed by default. This article will provide you a handy method to print the email with background image. I have received a confidential email in Outlook, whose background image is a watermark of “Confidential” characters. I hope that I can print out the watermark as well. But printing the email directly in Outlook cannot achieve it. Fortunately, I found another effective workaround. Print...

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What to Do if Outlook Blocks Your Email Attachments?

Have you ever received an email with blocked attachments? If you've affirmed that the email attachments are absolutely secure, you can use the following means to unblock them. When I attempt to send an email which contains an attachment in ".exe" format to my fellows, I receive an alert that the file is potentially unsafe. But I persist to send it. Although I send out the email successfully, my fellows tell me that he can’t see the attachment, which has been blocked by default. By...

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