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How to Delete a Meeting from Your Own Calendar without Sending Cancellation Notifications to Other Attendees

In general, if you intend to remove an Outlook meeting organized by you, you will be requested to send a cancellation to other attendees. This article will introduce a handy way to delete the meeting without needs to send cancellation. On one occasion, I’ve initiated a meeting in Outlook and notified all the necessary attendees. Later, for some reasons, I wouldn’t be able to take part in the meeting. Therefore, I hoped, I could remove the meeting only from my calendar but kept the...

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How to Create a Customized Print Style in Your Outlook

Outlook offers two default print style, namely “Table Style” and “Memo Style”. In fact, you are permitted to customize a new print style as per your preference. This article will be a quick and good guide. For some reasons, sometimes the default print styles in Outlook cannot satisfy your wishes. Thus you may tend to change the settings of the default print styles. However, it would be time-consuming for you to change the settings manually every time you need. Therefore, it is a...

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How to Back up Your Outlook Profiles

Like Outlook file, Outlook profile is equally prone to corruption. So you had better archive your Outlook profiles. This article will teach you how to export and back up Outlook profiles. As long as meeting Outlook errors, many people tend to rebuild Outlook profile in the first place. Nevertheless, it will be rather time-consuming to add all email accounts. Hence it is highly recommended to back up your Outlook profile when Outlook functions properly. Here are the elaborate steps. Back up...

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