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How to Sort the Tasks in Outlook Today Window by Subject

By default, in Outlook today window, we can only sort the tasks by Importance, Due Date, Start Date or Creation Date. But some users wish to sort them alphabetically, namely by subject. This article will introduce how to achieve it. Many people prefer to start Outlook in Outlook Today window, in that they can easily check all the today’s tasks, appointments and new mails here. It looks like the following screenshot: To change the order of tasks, you can click on the “Customize...

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How to Auto Request Read Receipt When Sending Specific Emails in Outlook

We’re permitted to request read receipt when sending Outlook emails. But someone even wishes that Outlook can auto request the read receipt when they send specific emails. This article will make it realized with Outlook VBA. In general, if you want to request the read receipt, you have two means. One is to manually check the option “Request a Read Receipt” in the New Message window, like the following screenshot: The other one is to enable “For all messages sent, request read...

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How to Auto Move the Tasks Assigned to Others to a Specific Task Folder in Outlook

In general, all the tasks will be placed in the default Outlook task folder, no matter your won tasks or the tasks which you assign to others. This article will introduce how to make Outlook to auto move tasks assigned to others to a specific task folder. Outlook permits us to assign tasks to others. But in the meantime, the tasks that you assign to other people will be saved in your default task folder as well. In this case, if you often need to assign tasks to others, your task folder will...

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