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How to Quickly Get the List of Attachment Information from an Email with Outlook VBA

Have you ever wanted to extract the list of attachment information from an open or selected email? You must feel it time-consuming to get it manually. This article will introduce you a quick method to achieve it with Outlook VBA. For some reasons, you may be required to get the list of attachment information from an email, including the attachment name, index and size, etc. Perhaps it’ because that you need to make a report or reply the email with the list of attachments. Regardless of...

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How to Rapidly Create a New Follow-up Task Based on an Existing One with Outlook VBA

Have you ever wanted to create a new follow-up task on basis of an existing one? There is no doubt that manually creating is a bit cumbersome. Why not resort to Outlook VBA? This article will guide you how to achieve it. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as after receiving a task from others, you may desire to create another one based on this task for follow up. Generally speaking, the only way for those who have no knowledge about VBA is to manually create a new one from the existing one....

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How to Auto Add Greetings to Reply Messages with Outlook VBA

In general, when replying an email, we get used to adding the greetings. Someone even hopes that Outlook can auto add greetings depending on the recipient name. Actually it can be realized with Outlook VBA. This article will introduce it in detail. As normal, when we reply an email, we will always write some greetings at the beginning of the message body. You may feel it a bit cumbersome since you don’t want to type the same greeting line every time. In reality, you can avoid it via...

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