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3 Methods to Batch Forward the Emails with a Specific Subject in Outlook

If you need to forward the emails with a specific subject, you will desire a quick way to find out these specific emails and batch forward them. This article will teach you 3 tips to achieve it. At times, you may be required to forward some specific emails to someone. For instance, your superior requests you to forward all the emails involving a specific project to him. It’s very likely that these emails have similar subjects, such as they contain the project name in the subjects. In this...

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2 Methods to Delay Sending a Meeting Invitation in Outlook

Many users would like to schedule sending a meeting invitation at another specific time instead of right now. But Outlook has no such a direct feature. In this article, we will introduce 2 methods to help you achieve it. As you know, Outlook has the “Delay Delivery” feature for email. As shown in the following screenshot, it permits you to schedule sending an email at your desired time instead of right now. In this situation, many users hope to delay sending a meeting invitation....

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How to Auto Classify and Archive Your Emails by Month with Outlook VBA

Some users prefer to classify the received emails by the month of the received time. This article will tell you how to let Outlook auto classify and archive all your emails with VBA. In order to make your mailbox orderly, you will use various methods, including color categorizing, filing emails on basis of their received time and so on. Without any doubts, managing emails by saving them in different and specific mail folders is a good idea. For instance, as shown in the following screenshot,...

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