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How to Mark on Your Excel Worksheets via Colorful Pens

Excel can play a significant role in your work. And some of the features can increase the readability in Excel. So today we will introduce the tool of pens in Excel. Instead of storing and analyzing data and information, Excel can also be used in other areas. For example, you will need to use an Excel file to make a presentation; you need to make a questionnaire in Excel. And you may sometimes need to check the Excel files made by other people. Thus, the tool pf pens in Excel can be a...

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How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets with Passwords

In an Excel, you will certain input many important data and information. Thus, the security of Excel becomes rather important. Therefore, we will talk about how to protect your Excel worksheets with passwords. It is needless to talk about the security of Excel because we all know the importance of protecting it. Thus, you need to install antivirus software to prevent your computer form being attacked. In addition, you should also need to take regular backups about those essential files. And...

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How to Sort Data by Rows Instead of Columns in Your Excel

Excel has many features that can help you finish many tiring tasks. And the feature of sort can help you quickly find certain values in a bunch of numbers. But today we will introduce how to sort data by rows instead of columns. The sort feature is a very useful feature in Excel. Thus, most of you have used this function to sort certain columns. However, the default setting of sort can only take effect in columns. Thus, if you want to sort values in rows, you need to set before you use this...

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