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2 Ways to Sum the Values Meeting Certain Conditions in Excel

Excel can help us to do many complex tasks. And the features in Excel can indeed save us a lot of time. Therefore, today we will explore the methods to sum values that meet certain conditions. In an Excel file, you will certainly use some features to help your work. However, if you obtain no idea of some of the tips, you need to spend a lot of time to finish your task. And as for calculating the sum of certain values, you can use today’s two ways to finish this goal. In the image below,...

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How to Divide Employees Based on the Parity of Their ID Numbers

Excel can help us finish many tasks, which has solved most of our problems. In addition, we will talk about how to divide groups according to the different ID numbers. Suppose you are a manager of a company, and now you are making the plan of the year. You would divide your employees into two groups. Naturally, you will divide them according to the employee ID. The odd number is one group and the even number is another group. And to input those numbers and names into two different...

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How to Insert Smiley Faces into Your Excel to Make It More Interesting

Sometimes small features in Excel can add a lot of interesting to your work. Besides, today we will introduce about how to insert smiley face into your worksheet to make it more interesting. Image that you are facing your computer and do your work by Excel, you will certain feel very tired and boring. However, a small adjustment can change all your negative feelings. And this is exactly the function of a smiley face. Thus, follow us and see how to insert smiley face into your...

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