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What to Do if Excel Fails to Calculate the Values Copied from External Sources

In Excel, you will certainly do some work of calculating. Thus, today we will talk about the calculation problem appearing in values copied from other sources. Excel specializes in dealing with the calculations of numbers. However, there exists a problem in doing some calculations. Sometimes, if you copy the values from other sources, i.e. from a website, you will find errors in the calculation. The Error in Calculating Copied Values In this image, the currency values are copied from...

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2 Ways to Protect Your Privacy by Clearing the Recent File List in Excel

Some quick features in Excel can help you accelerate the pace of work. However, sometimes they can also cause trouble to you. Thus, you may refer to this article and empty recent documents to protect privacy. You may find that you can quickly look through the recent files in Excel. And this function can also allow you to quickly open the target file. Comparing with finding the path and then open it, this feature in Excel can save you a lot of time. However, if someone else needs to borrow...

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How to Quickly Subtotal Values in Excel

Excel is very powerful in calculating values in certain conditions. And the function of subtotal is also very useful. Now let’s see how this feature works. You will certainly need to calculate the total number of some values. And most of the time, the numbers need to meet with certain requirement. For example, you need to calculate a sales representative’s sales quantity, or you need to calculate the sales volume of a certain product. If the worksheet is in a mess, you will certainly...

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