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How to Change or Customize Your Excel Themes Based on Your Preferences

If you are bored about the default setting interface in Excel, you can set Excel themes by yourself. After reading this passage, your Excel would have a new appearance. If you frequently use Excel in your work, it’s time for you to make some change. One of the motivations of work is the freshness. Sometimes, a small change around you can give you the freshness. Thus, you can work better with this freshness. And in Excel, you cannot change the use mode, but you can change the theme of...

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3 Ways to Add an Average Line to Your Charts in Excel (Part II)

In the former article, we have discussed about adding horizontal line into the chart. Thus, in this article, the method to add vertical average line to horizontal chart will be displayed. Sometimes, you will need to create a horizontal bar chart. So the average line should be vertical. Add Vertical Average Line to Horizontal Chart Select the target area. Click the “Insert” in the tab. Then click the button “Column”. In the drop-down menu, click the “All-Chart...

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3 Ways to Add an Average Line to Your Charts in Excel (Part I)

Chart in Excel are always used to analyze some important information. Therefore, in this article we will demonstrate how to add horizontal average line to vertical chart in Excel. In an Excel worksheet, you will always add a chart according to the data in certain cells. And sometimes, you will need to know the average level of certain index. For example, in this image, you can see that there is a bar chart for the sales volume of those sales representatives. However, the average level is...

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