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How to Sum Up Values Based on Some Conditions via SUMPRODUCT Function

Excel has many functions that can help with your work. And there will be different functions to achieve different purpose. Therefore, today we will launch the usage of SUMPRODUCT function to sum up values based on certain conditions. Sometimes you may get a mess table. But you have to calculate certain numbers. For example, in the image below, there are sales volumes of different people. And it includes many products and different months. If you want to calculate the volume of apple that...

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How to Count the Work Days by NETWORKDAYS Function in Excel

Nowadays, Excel is people’s first choice of office software. And Excel is used to finish many different and difficult tasks. And the NETWORKDAYS function can also play a significant role in calculating the work days. Suppose you are a HR in a company, you need to calculate the work days of every staff. According to the work days you can check their work attendance. And if you note down their attendance day by day, it will be time consuming. So here you can try the NETWORKDAYS function to...

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How to Count All Items Meeting a Condition via COUNTIF Function

Excel can be regarded as a very powerful office tool ever since it was created. And many functions in Excel can give us a lot of help. And today we will launch the usage of COUNTIF function. In a worksheet, sometimes you will need to calculate the total number of certain elements in a certain condition. But if you find those cells one by one, you will certainly waste a lot of time. And here is an example of finding how many “A” John has got in his tests via COUNTIF function. And the...

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