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How to Look up Values in a Range by Combining MATCH & INDEX functions

In our previous article, we have introduced the function of VLOOKUP and explain the usage of the formula. And today we will introduce the function combination of MATCH and INDEX to look up values. Excel functions have very amazing effects, which can help us do many complex tasks. The independent function can achieve certain functionalities. In addition, you can also try to combine different functions to deal with your problems. Thus today, we will combine the MATCH and INDEX functions to...

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When Do You Need Absolute References in Excel?

There are many different functions in Excel that you can use. And due to the feature of insert, you can save a lot of time on changing the area in formulas. However, in some formula, you don’t need to change certain area. Thus, we have today’s article of absolute references in Excel formulas. Excel contains many different functions, and some of which can always be used in your work. For example, the sum function, average function, count function and many others. Some of the functions...

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7 Quick Ways to Select Your Excel Cells (Part II)

In the previous article, we have introduced 3 kinds of ways to select cells. And now follow us and see how the other 4 ways work. Except for using the mouse only and the combination of shortcut keys and mouse, there exist other means to select cells. Use Shortcut Keys Only Keys on keyboard can also be very effective in selecting cells. And there are several other ways. Method 4: Shortcut Key: Ctrl + A If the cursor positions in the area in the beginning, press “Ctrl + A” and you...

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