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3 Vital Tricks to Design Your Access Table

The way you design your tables can determine how successful your database is going to be. These are a few of the lesser known secrets that can help you create tables that are easier to manage and maintain. Microsoft Access is built from tables. It’s nearly impossible to over emphasize how important it is to make sure you design your tables in a way that makes them easy to use. Tables are the backbone of your system and when they are poorly designed, all of your data becomes...

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What is Access MDB File?

The MDB file is what houses all of the data for your Access Database. It contains everything that you used to create the database, such as forms and tables, as well as the background information to keep the database healthy. You are probably already familiar with the numerous types of files associated with the most common Microsoft applications. The file type refers to the file extension. Word uses the .doc and .docx file. Excel uses the .xls and .xlsx file. For Microsoft Access, the file...

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Aggregate Clauses and Summary Aggregate Clauses in Access SQL

Once you have a basic understanding of the basic Access SQL clauses, you need to learn about the more complicated clauses. Learning the two most common types will simplify your workload.  One of the primary draws of Microsoft Access is the ability to work with data quickly and easily. SQL gives you the tools you need to quickly and effectively create a query that will work with your data. The three basic SQL clauses retrieve data, but that isn’t always what you need. Aggregate clauses...

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