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7 Productivity Tips for Working with Your Access

In this article we look at ways to improve productivity while working on an Ms Access database. In other words we look at getting more juice out of an Access database, save time and look at ways to keep it in shape as far as possible. After having the experience of working with multiple applications, we tend to get comfortable with a few and begin to prefer them over others. MS Office is a collection of multiple, great user applications, all of which are easy to use and helps in making a lot...

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Deep Dive the User Level Security in Your Access

In this article we introduce you to the concept of user level security in Ms Access and the benefits it offers to database administrators. If you are using MS Access for storing data, you will have lots of in-built security options to choose from, for protecting your databases. You might opt for database password, user level security, encryption options and more. Through encryption and database passwords, you can make the complete database inaccessible for all those users who do not have...

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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Your Access Database

Securing Ms Access databases with passwords has become the norm. In this article we look at how we can encrypt and password protect an Ms Access database. The database password option available in MS Access does not just put a password on your database to protect it, but also encrypts all the records contained in a database. In other words it makes it nearly impossible via normal means to make changes in the database or to access the database without entering the password and decrypting it....

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