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How to Customize the Appearance and Themes of Reports in MS Access

In this article we look at how to customize the appearance of Reports to match a particular office project One of the most crucial feature in MS Access that can be used to make sense of the complete database is the Reports feature. Reports feature in Access application provides you with a comprehensive summary of the complete database, in the form of pie charts and other tools. Through the use of reports in MS Access, a database can be understood with just a cursory look as well. Like many...

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How to Run Descriptive Statistics in MS Access

Descriptive statistics in MS Access have a significant role when you are dealing with large volumes of data. Access is an application that is used for storing large amounts of data, not just for the sake of record keeping and compilation, but also for analysis, comparison, and a lot more. There is a lot that this application is equipped with, thus providing you with features to perform all the above mentioned operations with ease. Apart from performing these operations, there is also a lot...

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Understand Domain Aggregate Functions in MS Access and Explore Their Practical Applications

In this article we dig deep into Domain Aggregate Functions of MS Access and check how they can be used in real life scenarios. Functions which are exclusive to MS Access are called Domain Aggregate Functions, these are exclusive because they help in retrieving data from Access tables. One of the greatest advantage of using these functions is the ease and versatility they come with. Almost any practical criteria for retrieving data from tables can be applied to these functions, and they...

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