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5 Key Mistakes that a SQL Server DBA Must Avoid

In this article we look into some of key mistakes that a DBA must look to avoid while working on SQL Server Whether you agree or not but a database administrator or DBA has to face a lot of problems while working on an SQL server. A DBA not only has to find but also fix the problems cropping up in such servers, so it is very important to know some common mistakes that should be avoided at all cost for a smoother functioning of the database. In fact, just a small carelessness on part of the...

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Indexing Best Practices for SQL Server – A Primer

In this article we look at some of crucial indexing best practices for SQL Server When it comes to efficient indexing in SQL Server Database, the scope for improvement is always there in most implementation. At times much of it is due to confusion amongst users about the process to follow.  In other words, only a few people know what to do and what to avoid while developing SQL indexing that are meant to enhance the query response time. The key is to maintain a balance while developing...

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If you are a small to midsize firm you can use the SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition to meet your Business Intelligence Needs

In the 2016 standard edition of SQL Server, BI functions are available which would suffice for most small to medium sized firms The much awaited SQL Server 2016 Edition is out and is considered to be a big leap in the Microsoft database platform. The good news is that the 2016 version of SQL comprises of not one but many editions like the Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Express Edition and the Developer Edition. In case, you own a small to midsize firm you can trust the SQL Server 2016...

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