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How to Effectively Use Backup Compression in SQL Server

SQL Server's backup compression allows you to save disk space by compressing backup files. Many SQL Server database administrators forget to enable this feature, thereby allowing backup files to occupy a lot of disk space. In this article, we will learn how to quickly enable the feature "Compression" on all your SQL Servers. Scan using registered servers: From your SQL Server management studio, click on the View and then select Registered Servers. Create a new server group and add all your...

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How to Auto Track Deleted Databases in SQL Server

Using SQL Server's Schema Changes History we can identify the name of databases that were dropped from the SQL Server. In a big SQL Server environment, connecting to each Schema Changes History of every SQL Server instance is a very difficult task. In this article, we will learn how to automatically track deleted databases. Multi options There are several options with which you can track a database getting deleted from your SQL Server instance. Option1: Log data from the system table...

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