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How to Request Receipts Automatically When Sending Emails to Specified Contacts

To those extremely important emails, we tend to hope that we can get notified when it is delivered and read. This article will look at enabling Outlook to request receipts automatically when sending emails to those especially crucial contacts. I create a contact group in Outlook, which contains all of my significant clients. Every time I send emails to them, I always add receipt requests to the messages manually. But via the following method, I needn’t add it any more. Outlook can request...

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How to Easily Backup Your Outlook File by One Click Only

The method of copying Outlook files to make backups manually is out of date. This article will teach you to swiftly backup your Outlook file only via one right click. In order to avert unexpected corruption, I used to back up my Outlook files manually once a week. However, in this process, I need to spend much time locating and positioning files via a myriad of clicks. By the following method, I can back up the Outlook files by one right click only. Create a Right Click Command of...

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8 Approaches to Solve “Outlook Not Responding” and Similar Issues

“Outlook Not Responding” error has disturbed many users for a long time. In face of it, many people tend to force Outlook to close. But it may damage Outlook file. Thus it is important to know how to solve similar issues correctly. Here are 8 suggestions. I have been subject a lot to the issue - Outlook Not Responding. In the past, I was inclined to hard close the Outlook application. But frequent closing Outlook abnormally leads to Outlook corruption. Since then, I have learned to take...

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