Data Recovery

How to exit the Exchange Recovery Mode from Microsoft Outlook?

Exchange server works us a back-end for the Microsoft Outlook email client. It allows users to save their email files on the server and synchronize them with OST files to keep the files updated. Microsoft Outlook allows users to not only send and receive emails, but also create contact lists, work calenders and tasks. Sometimes, when Outlook goes into Exchange Recovery Mode, accessing and synchronizing OST files becomes impossible. The following methods can be undertaken to get Outlook out from...

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How To Recover Data By Converting OST To PST?

For various reasons, many users who use Microsoft Outlook Exchange require to move their messages, calendar files and contacts to a more friendly and standard version of Outlook. However, this exporting and importing function is not so simple, due to the difference of formats of files used to store information in these two file types. Learn how to recover data by converting OST to PST files. The first step involved in recovering data by converting OST to PST files is to download the...

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A Quick guide to recovering inadvertently deleted items in Exchange server

Microsoft Exchange server is used by organisations to manage emails sent within the organisations. Microsoft Outlook is the client which allows enterprise users to read and manage their emails while the Exchange server is the back-end which assures the smooth working of the client and allows users to store emails for offline access. The Microsoft Exchange server manages a massive number of emails that are exchanged between a large number of employees. As a single server is responsible for...

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