Data Recovery

Easy Recovery of Deleted Outlook Items

As a regular Outlook user, you may have on more than one occasion, accidentally deleted mails or other Outlook items. We suggest ways in which deleted outlook items can be easily recovered from the Deleted Items folder or using powerful third-party tools. Two of the most popular email clients from Microsoft are Microsoft Outlook Express, the lightweight application while Microsoft Outlook works as a complete personal management tool as well. While Outlook Express stores all its data in DBX...

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Best Ways to Protect Email Data in Outlook PST Files

While backing up the PST files used by Microsoft Outlook to store all relevant data is a good idea, over time it may take longer and longer to back up the file. We look at how by archiving old data and backing up only the most needed data, we can speed up the entire process. One of the most popularly used email client is undoubtedly the Microsoft Outlook application and the file format it uses to store all the important Outlook data is the Personal Folder file or the PST file. If you are...

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Avoiding Data Loss in PST Files

Since Microsoft Outlook stores all the important Outlook data in Personal Storage Files (PST), it is important that Outlook users take regular backups of PST files to avoid data loss. Our article looks at the standard way in which PST files can be backed up. Most Outlook data such as email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments, journal entries, etc. are stored in Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) folders. These folders are typically stored in either one of the...

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