Data Recovery

Do you need to Repair or Recover Word?

When things go wrong with MSWord, knowing what is needed to fix it fast is more than about convenience, it’s also about preventing the cost to your budget for being down. If there is a risk that the documents you have created are lost, replacing and regenerating them could break the project. It is important that you use the right tool right away before time and money are lost. There is a difference between using a recovery or repair program to restore Word functioning. Understanding which you...

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Formulating a Data Recovery Plan

One of the primary mistakes a company makes is not creating a data recovery plan that is as well thought out and managed as their authoring or tracking projects. Good operations management oversees recovery with the same attention to detail, planning, and adjustment as every other aspect of data management and operations. The best way to formulate your plan is to make it a part of the management oversight. If this is not done, then any interruption to the program can not only result in a loss...

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Quick tips to extract multiple Zip files from a damaged pen drive

Computers today have become the backbone of our economy and we tend to use them everywhere. It is quite possible that you work on a different machine at your office while you use your own laptop for personal work at home. Even in your home, there is chance that there are other systems for your family members. Given this proliferation of machines, you often need the help of pen drives (also known as USB flash drives) for transferring data from one machine to another. Pen drives give you the...

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