Data Recovery

Using Data Recovery Programs Efficiently

DataNumen is one of the world’s leaders in data recovery solutions. We are able to provide you with programs for repairing Outlook and recovering your SQL data so that you can quickly recover and repair your files, reducing downtime and frustration. It also pays to understand the basics of how the programs work to return files to usability and the factors that will affect their ability to perform to their highest standard. Here is a brief overview of how damage happens and how it gets...

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Can You Protect Your Backup Files from Corruption?

Good data management involves a protocol for backing up your files as you are working. The idea of the once or twice daily system backup will not be enough to prevent you from everything that can go wrong and suddenly make a primary file unreadable within Word or Excel. Both of these programs have their own internal automatic save settings but, even then, that can still not work as well if what is being saved is already damaged. While you can perform Outlook repair and SQL recovery using a...

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Does Malware cause Data Loss?

Everyone is cautious about the Internet these days, but it is becoming increasingly hard to keep your system clean of malware and viruses. Choosing to keep the system off the Internet can help, but all it takes is one infected memory stick to introduce a problem onto the system. The question is, how often does malware target the actual data on your computer and can it cause problems with the data file’s integrity? If you have to perform Excel repair or Word repair because the files are...

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