Data Recovery

A quick guide to repairing corrupted PST files

As with everything related to computers, the Ms Outlook application too is quite open to flaws. While it does a great job of sending emails and collating your contact information, it data storage mechanism has a huge scope for improvement. Outlook typically uses personal storage folders or .pst files as they are commonly known for keeping a local backup of data. In case you do not use the mail client in sync with Ms Exchange server then all your data is likely to be stored in .pst files. While...

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SQL Server Database Recovery Models

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has three models that database administrators can choose from when they back up and recover SQL data. All three models are built seamlessly into Microsoft's SQL Server application. While all three models allow users to make a backup of their SQL data, and restore data back to its condition when the backup was created, they differ in the way that they handle transactions that were applied to the database after the data was backed up. The Simple Model If you...

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Big Data in the Real World

You can't start to deal with the challenge of Big Data if you haven't gotten your Little Data problems under control. All of the excitement surrounding today's Big Data craze is having two huge effects on businesses worldwide:      Larger enterprises are sticking their toes into the Big Data pond, and trying to cash in on the benefits that the Big Data gurus have promised for those companies that embrace this new trend.      Companies of all sizes are acknowledging that they're...

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