Data Recovery

Data Recovery Software Can Save Your Business Time, Money, and Headaches

Today’s digital business world is fast-paced, and reliable data technology is crucial for any business to function effectively. Lost data can be one of the most detrimental crises your business can face and when this happens, you lose time, money, and credibility. Whether your data is lost as a result of a virus or malware, unexpected shutdown or equipment failure, data recovery software may be your best tool for salvaging your data and getting your business back on track.  Because your...

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Why some downloaded Zip files show empty folders after unzipping

While you may have come across a variety of issues related to zip files ranging from corrupt files to irritating error messages, there is nothing spookier than to find out that the zip file you just downloaded from the internet is empty. Zip files typically tend to be vulnerable during a transfer process and can get corrupted; however their contents cannot simply vanish after being downloaded. The issue can occur due to certain specific reasons as listed below Directly using the Open...

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How to Solve Problems with PDF Files

As the name implies, the Portable Document Format file (PDF) is an amazingly versatile cross-browser, cross-operating system file format that can be used to present anything from simple documents to complex reports, images and more.  There are countless document authoring systems that have the File->Save As->PDF option included. PDF files are particularly web-friendly and travel well as attachments to email. The downside of PDF files is that you either need to have access to PDF file...

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