Data Recovery

Mail Client Programs and Their Shortfalls

Progressive entities utilize highly effective email clients to share information with their clients or partners. The entities always choose the email clients that are continuously updated, easy to use, highly secure, efficient and irreproachably effective. What are some of the mail clients available for users? Are all of them cross platform? And how effective are they?   Some of the available mail clients are AfterLogic WebMail Lite, Balsa, Becky! Internet Mail, eM Client, GNUMail,...

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Common Problems Associated with PST Files

Many MS Outlook users have reported a number of problems that they encounter during the use of the application. While some of these problems are unique to the users, several problems are quite common. These are often attributed to the pst file size, failure to open files, accidental deletion, damaged partitions, formatted partitions and more. So, what are some of these problems and what can you do to contain them? Performance Problems caused by Large PST Files – When your pst file size...

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MS Outlook Data Recovery Solutions

Data recovery is one of the most sought after services by PC users. Several companies have therefore come up with a number of tools and data safety measures to reduce loss of data. Besides the preventive measures, there are a number of repair and recovery tools available in the market for users.   MS Outlook data recovery, for example, has become a vastly sought after service due to the nature of information stored in the application. How would you feel if you lost all your email...

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