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Exploring the Key Advantages of Contacts Feature in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook application comes loaded with a host of features that are designed to help you communicate with people in a more efficient manner. The Contacts feature is shining example of this philosophy whereby Microsoft has tried to predict all possible information that one would like to keep about a contact. Besides the typical information about names and phone numbers, in Outlook Contacts you can add images, messenger links, fax numbers and in Outlook 2013, social media profiles too. In...

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Displaying the Hidden Notes Feature in Outlook 2013

The Notes feature in Ms Outlook has appealed to many users over the years. At the same time a lot of Outlook users have felt that the feature does merit its place and had advocated its removal. In the Outlook 2013 edition, Microsoft has taken the middle ground and hidden the notes feature. In other words those who like to use notes can still work with it in the old fashion while those who did not wish to deal with it can avoid seeing it in their interface. Let’s look at the feature in...

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Avoiding the Inline Reply Feature in Outlook 2013

As more and more people start using the Outlook 2013 application, its striking new features has become a hot topic for discussion amongst users. Some of its features like People’s hub have garnered kudos from nearly everyone while some facts like the absence of journals have received a fair share of criticism. Similarly the capacity to reply to an email without getting to a fresh email window is welcome relief for some while others have mixed views on it. Some part of the resistance with the...

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