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Effectively Track Customer Conversations in Business Contact Manager for Outlook

The Business Contact Manager for Outlook offers you several features that are designed to correlate different data elements together. It essentially groups several elements such as emails, phone logs, relevant files and key tasks in a catalog called communication history. Now to properly reference such data, these history elements must be linked up to any relevant record in Outlook say an account or a contact. Incidentally certain communication items can contain other history items and...

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Automatically Link Emails to Specific Records in Business Contact Manager

The Business Contact Manager for Outlook can be considered as a true CRM tool given its capacity to track a multitude of variables. In fact in can be made to link all email conversations that may be relevant to a record, say an Opportunity or Account, automatically. However given the fact that most people who use the Business Contact Manager tool are small business owners, this fascinating facet gets overlooked. In this article we help you achieve the automatic linking of emails in just few...

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Practical Tips to Help you Launch Marketing Campaigns though Business Contact Manager for Outlook

The Business Contact Manager is Outlook is designed to work like any regular CRM tool and thus is immensely suitable to be used for marketing outreach. The fact it is integrated within Outlook makes the idea of launching campaigns even more attractive as you can use the existing mail templates present in Outlook and even access the Outlook contact list. Let’s look at some practical tips by which you can exploit the BCM feature for launching campaigns.   Decide the Audience you Wish to...

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