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Choosing the Appropriate SQL Server 2014 Version – A Primer for Mid Tier Firms

In the business landscape, mid tier firms experience a very compelling challenge of investing in top grade IT infrastructure and platforms without the support of a large budget. So if you are given with onerous task of choosing an appropriate database solution for your company, you would have to look at both pros and cons of each edition based on your requirements. Ideally you should start with understanding your needs and jotting them down in one place. If you are looking to gain analysis or...

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Key Aspects of Security to Keep in Mind while Managing Service Accounts in SQL Server

In an increasingly competitive environment, the threat to your data does not necessarily come from the outside world. In fact it can come from within your organization, say an employee who gains access to sensitive data beyond his mandate and then uses it for ulterior motives. Given the scenario one cannot be more cautious while working with a database application. Now if you are running a SQL Server instance then you would be aware of the fact that it runs a set of Windows services that can be...

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Explore How Encryption is Implemented in a SQL Server Database

When it comes to securing your data from myriad threats, the SQL Server database can be easily counted as one of the best applications in vogue today. Amongst its several security features, encryption serves as the corner stone for ensuring complete safety of the stored data. There are different kinds of encryption implementation that the SQL Server database applies and amongst it TDE and cell level encryption are the most popular ones. Let’s look at them in detail.   Cell Level...

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