Data Recovery

The Inbox Repair Tool is often not enough to recover a corrupted PST file

The Ms Outlook application is today counted as the go to desktop mail client for any office user. Not only is it widely used by both normal office goers and average home computer users, it has become the industry standard across large organizations. Given the fact the Outlook client has such an expansive reach, it is but natural for its developers namely the Redmond based Microsoft Corp., to keep it updated and introduce new features. It also releases regular patches to correct any flaws in...

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Learn to Work with Quick Parts in Outlook to Improve Productivity

If you are a busy professional then there are chances that you spend an inordinate amount of time writing emails. Now there are several kinds of emails that you may receive and some of them may include standard responses. For example you may at some point of time include a new service offering to all clients you are normally interacting with. When a standard piece of text can be used in multiple email messages, it is better to save it and insert it on demand. This can be achieved in the Outlook...

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Know about common incidents and actions that can cause PST errors

Outlook PST errors have a very sinister reputation amongst Outlook users who have experienced them. Horror stories of data loss to missing out on personal settings are some of the common side effects of a PST error related Outlook crash. While PST errors can be dangerous there is no apparent reason to fear them, if you keep a recovery application handy. However if you are aware of certain scenarios which cause them, you can possibly avoid them from occurring. Let look at some incidents and...

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