Data Recovery

Know about common incidents and actions that can cause PST errors

Outlook PST errors have a very sinister reputation amongst Outlook users who have experienced them. Horror stories of data loss to missing out on personal settings are some of the common side effects of a PST error related Outlook crash. While PST errors can be dangerous there is no apparent reason to fear them, if you keep a recovery application handy. However if you are aware of certain scenarios which cause them, you can possibly avoid them from occurring. Let look at some incidents and...

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Using Read Receipts in Ms Outlook – A Primer

With emails becoming the primary means of business communications, most of us hope to have our emails read by our business contacts in the shortest possible time. The read receipt feature is designed to help you know when an email sent by you has been read by the contact. It is important to note that the recipient of your email has the liberty to confirm and send a read receipt or avoid sending one despite reading that email. Similarly if you receive an email which requests for a read receipt,...

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Sharing your Outlook Folder Access with Others

In a corporate environment there are hardly any days of rest. Even when you are on leave, travelling overseas or recovering from a brief illness, mails and meeting requests keep landing in your Inbox. Now at times many of these meeting requests many be critical and need to be responded. In such a scenario, it makes for great sense to allocate the access to your business email account folders to one of your colleagues. Well if you are using the Ms Outlook email client, allocating access is a...

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