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Assign Tasks in Outlook to Team Members – A Primer

As a collaboration tool, the Ms Outlook client is extremely flexible. In Outlook you can quickly create tasks and assign them to other team members. Moreover you can track the progress of the assigned tasks and other team member too can view them. With a little bit of thought an entire delivery schedule can prepared with the help of shared tasks. Any task that gets behind schedule appears in red which immediately draws your attention. Given so many advantages, it is surprising to note that...

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Actively Use the Mailbox Cleanup Options to keep your Inbox in Shape

The Outlook Inbox is invariably the first place where all your emails land up except spam. Quite naturally over a period time it would get filled up with a lot of emails. Now an Inbox containing thousands of emails is not only difficult to manage, it also reduces the response time of the Outlook application. Ideally you should use the Mailbox Cleanup tools in Outlook to keep the Inbox in shape. Let’s explore the different features available under Mailbox Cleanup in Depth.   Start...

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Tips to Resolve Issues while attempting to save or update a signature in Outlook

The Ms Outlook client offers several interesting features that allow you to personalize your email. Outlook Signatures for instant serve as a brand message and can contain valuable contact information that gets automatically inserted into every new message. In Outlook you can create signatures that contain hyperlinks, images and creative text. While it is very easy to create a signature in Outlook, saving them or updating them at times may prove difficult. Let’s look at some of issues that...

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