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Working with Themes in Ms Outlook 2013 – An Overview

In the 2013 iteration of Outlook, several themes are available to customize the look and feel of your email client. If you always thought, that MS Outlook will always remain dull and boring, then you need to rethink. Yes, MS Outlook 2013 brings forward some exceptional features including Themes. You will no longer feel that your mailbox is boring, once you get used to the Themes that are now available in this new version of Outlook. Although, there are only three themes available at...

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Improve your productivity with the Message Preview Option in Ms Outlook 2013

In Outlook 2013 the message preview option is introduced and it scores high on user friendliness Are you tired of opening each and every email in your mailbox to check the message contained in it? Then, you must try out the new MS Outlook 2013 with innovative features like a jazzed up Message Preview that have been incorporated to make life easy for you. Gone are the days, when you were just informed about the subject line and the sender’s name for your emails and you had to actually...

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Exploiting the Power of Business Contact Manager Add-on in Ms Outlook

The Business Contact Manager Add-on for Outlook is often overlooked by an average Outlook business user despite its rich feature set. For many small business owners and sales professionals, the Ms Outlook client serves as the default tool for maintaining communication with their clients and prospects. However a large section of such users are yet to exploit the power of the Business Contact Manager (BCM) Add-on for Outlook. For those of you who are unaware of what we are talking about, let...

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