Data Recovery

How to Recover Corrupted Excel Files

Nowadays, when we need to make a sheet, Excel will occur to our mind at the first place. While sometimes we may meet some errors due to different reasons, for instance, the excel file is inaccessible. Microsoft Excel is widely applied spreadsheet software all over the world. It features calculation, data statistics, graphing tools and so on. In these days, both individual and various businesses prefer to use MS Excel to make spreadsheets. However, sometimes when we deal with complex or...

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Insight into Data Recovery

In this article, we will introduce about data recovery which is of utmost importance because data disaster cannot be avoided in computer industry. Since computer appeared and becomes increasingly popular at these days, we can easily store and maintain our important files containing a lot of data. While with various software applications and more complicated computer designs for pursuit of computer age, some errors often occur to these files so that data may also get corrupted....

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Tips to tackle scrolling issue in Ms Outlook

In this article we look at workarounds for dealing with scrolling issues in Ms Outlook Despite its apparent sophistication, there are several errors that users experience while working on the Ms Outlook email client. For instance, people often find problems in scrolling while working in MS Outlook but there are ways to tackle this problem too. Many a times, people feel that while the scrolling is going as smooth as it should be in other applications but it is not so smooth in MS Outlook....

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