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Tips to help you negotiate visibility issues while reading fonts in Ms Outlook

In this article we explore changing fonts and other elements in Outlook to suit our reading needs No matter whether you have a weak eye sight or not, at times it becomes really frustrating for the users to work on MS Outlook due to poor reading fonts. Yes, this is a common problem faced by a number of users working on Outlook these days. At times, people don’t prefer using magnifier to zoom the font sizes to read emails, so what are the ways to increase the font size or manage them for...

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Negotiating errors messages which mention Links will not open

In this article we look at resolving error messages which crop up when we attempt to open a link in Ms Outlook Whether you agree or not, the most frustrating instance while working on a computer or system is when you receive a message stating that the “Link Can Not Be Opened”. No matter how many different ways you try to open the links but still you face difficulty in opening it in the middle of something really very important professionally. Even MS Outlook users face the same...

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Modifying your calendar details for improving visibility

In this article we look at modifying size of elements in Outlook calendar to improve visibility. Calendar is indeed one of the most popular features of MS Outlook irrespective of the version. This feature simply saves time that otherwise goes wasted in searching and working out on a manual calendar on a day to day basis. Moreover, it allows you to jot down reminders, tasks and other important appointment details directly in Outlook for an easier access whenever you are working on your...

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