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How to Define and Insert Frequently Used Texts in Outlook

When writing emails, we can insert pictures, charts and hyperlinks, etc. Moreover, we can define and insert daily used texts using Quick Parts as well in Outlook, which will improve our performance greatly. Apart from adding external materials as attachments, we can insert them directly. In general, we are accustomed to insert pictures and other multimedia resources only. In addition, we can also insert text by Outlook Quick Parts. Occasionally we are often required to type the same text...

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Is Thunderbird from Mozilla Still a Good Option as Compared to MS Outlook

With the latest iterations of Ms Outlook dominating the desktop email client market, the Mozilla Thunderbird is increasingly becoming less of a competition. If you are one of those people who need to send and receive emails on a daily basis, then at least once, it might have come to your mind that which is the best email client between MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird? Well, this is a tricky query for a number of people but it can be solved by a user who had tried a hand on both the email...

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Choosing the correct database for your small business – A quick primer

For small business opting to choose a database can be a challenge. In this article we offer pointers at how they can go about the selection process and also throw light on SQL Server Express edition. It is no wonder that these days many small businesses are flourishing by using DBMS or Database Management Systems. If you wish to replicate the success you need to understand the kind of database platform you need to use for your particular business. Yes, with the growing technology, you will...

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