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Why Not Use AutoCorrect to Insert Specific Hyperlinks?

If you constantly insert specific hyperlinks to selected words, you are better off using AutoCorrect to improve work efficiency. In daily work, I am frequently required to insert hyperlinks to several specific words. For instance, every time when I type in my company’s name, I need to insert my company’s official website URL. I used to click “Hyperlinks” button to insert the website URL. But it is so annoying that I always have to do repeating works. I really hope that Outlook can...

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How to Prevent Closing Outlook Accidentally!

Many people have similar experiences to me, namely closing Outlook carelessly. It will pose many troubles. How can we prevent this situation? The main reason why I often close my Outlook by accident is that the “X” icon, close button is next to the maximum button. As we can see, the three buttons – minimum, maximum, close buttons are all located at the upper right corner of Outlook. Thus it is easy to accidentally close Outlook by clicking on the “X” button, rather than other two...

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Why We Can’t Remove Outlook Add-In?

When we attempt to remove Outlook Add-In, an alert about errors will arise. In this article, we will look at the reason and solutions. When it comes to Outlook Add-Ins, chances are that many people would be perplexed about them, and even have never noticed them. In fact, Add-In is an indispensable element in any software. The same true holds for Outlook. Since Add-In is seldom concerned, it is usually located at secluded places. If we haven’t yet encountered any errors involving...

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