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2 Ways to Reduce Size of Picture Attachments in Outlook

In order to avert the situation that picture attachments exceed the size limitation, you should learn how to reduce its size. This article is certainly a good guide. When you attempt to send a message, but it takes with the picture attachments which exceed message size limitation, the message won’t be sent out successfully. In general, this message will return to you and not delivered. Besides, you may even get a relevant error report. To MS Exchange Server email account, if the size of...

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How to Use the Format Painter in Excel

Excel has the ability of editing words and dealing with information. It provides special features to quicken our work process. And today we will introduce the Excel tips of the Format Painter. In your work, you are sure to enter a lot of data inside Excel. Among so many figures, you need to highlight some key elements. Here are the Excel tips on using the “Format Painter” to work. In this picture, you can see many scores of different students. You need to bold and mark red of the...

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How to Transpose Tables in Excel

Excel has a number of smart features which are of great importance for our work. Those Excel functions can be very helpful when we need to deal with huge amount of data. And today we will introduce an Excel tip on transposing tables. Sometimes, you need to deal with a table in an Excel file. And this document might possibly be made by others. However, the arrangement of the table doesn’t conform to your habit. And now you may need to transpose this table so that you can improve your...

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