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5 Steps to Add Your Business Card to Signature

This article focuses on how to add business card to signature, which allows you not to spend too much time designing signature. Signature is playing a particular significant role in message body. Not only does it reflect our own images, but also at times it stands for our company’s public impressions. If it is our personal email, a signature is not a matter of necessity. Nevertheless, provided that it’s your business email, you had better customize a signature for it. With a good...

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5 Outlook Tricks to Help You Save Time

In this article, I will introduce top 5 Outlook tricks, which can help you to save time, thereby improving work efficiency. Nowadays, a majority of persons must have their own emails, regardless of Gmail, or others. Thus it is essential to select a remarkable email client. It is known that Outlook has been touted as the most popular client. It permits us to manage messages, create tasks and control contacts. However, even though you’ve used this application for a long time, you can’t...

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6 Main Reasons for Excel Files Corruption (Part II)

In this part, other three reasons of Excel file corruption are listed. And an effective way to recover corrupt Excel file is also mentioned. In part I, it introduces the three kinds of reasons that may corrupt the Excel files. And here are the other three reasons. 4. Hardware Failure Hardware failure is another reason that will make the Excel files not available to users. In addition to computer, hardware also includes USB flash disk, removable hard disk, CD/DVD and so on. There are many...

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