Data Recovery

7 Handy Ways to Restore Deleted Items in Outlook – Part II

This part will introduce other 4 approaches to recover deleted items in Outlook. If you haven’t succeeded via the methods in Part I, you can attempt the followings. Unlike the basic methods mentioned in Part I, Part II will look at 4 more in-depth approaches. You can have a try. 4. Make Full Use of the Copy of Message on the Server When configure Internet mail account, you can select to leave a copy of message on the server. But if you aren’t sure about your selection before, follow...

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7 Handy Ways to Restore Deleted Items in Outlook – Part I

When you delete some Outlook items mistakenly, you can restore deleted items via following 7 approaches in this article series. This part will introduce three of them at first. As a regular user of Outlook, I keep deleting useless emails to make my mailbox clean at regular intervals. In the past, I used to verify whether an email is useful depending on its subject. One day I skimmed some emails’ subjects carelessly and accidentally deleted them. Few days later, I discovered that I...

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Key Mistakes that a SQL Server DBA must look to avoid

In this article we look into some of key mistakes that a DBA must look to avoid while working on SQL Server Whether you agree or not but a database administrator or DBA has to face a lot of problems while working on an SQL server. A DBA not only has to find but also fix the problems cropping up in such servers, so it is very important to know some common mistakes that should be avoided at all cost for a smoother functioning of the database. In fact, just a small carelessness on part of the...

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