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3 Important Ways to Prevent Data Loss

Computers are just a link between users and data. Data is the reason why you browse the internet, buy external storage hardware and basically buy a computer in the first place. This article highlights a few ways to ensure that this data that is so precious to the user is safe. In the modern world, data is king. With paperless documents in every office, digital currencies and identities, your data defines you. Losing your data or having it fall into the wrong hands can have unimaginable...

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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Data Loss

Losing data is devastating. The situation is worse if in a corporate setting. It's therefore always good to be prepared and avoid such occurrences. This article highlights methods to prevent loss of data. Data loss simply refers to deleted or corrupted files, which makes it difficult for you to open or access data. Things that may cause data loss include human interference, an error with the software, or hardware malfunction. Whatever the case, this loss doesn't mean all is lost....

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How to Fix Errors When Transferring NTFS Files to a USB Drive

Because most USB’s still use the FAT32 file system, you may encounter errors when trying to transfer NTFS files onto a USB device. A quick fix for this is to reformat your USB drive, however, you want to make sure you don’t lose valuable data in the process. If you’ve tried to copy an important NTFS file to a USB, you might have ended up seeing a an error message that the file is too large for the destination file system or a message that says there is not enough room on the USB, even...

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