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How to Divide Employees Based on the Parity of Their ID Numbers

Excel can help us finish many tasks, which has solved most of our problems. In addition, we will talk about how to divide groups according to the different ID numbers. Suppose you are a manager of a company, and now you are making the plan of the year. You would divide your employees into two groups. Naturally, you will divide them according to the employee ID. The odd number is one group and the even number is another group. And to input those numbers and names into two different...

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Introduction to Database Mirroring from the perspective of a SQL Server User

In this article we discuss the concept of Database Mirroring with special emphasis on its implementation in SQL Server Now, that Microsoft has launched its SQL Server 2016, it’s time to learn about its interesting features like Database Mirroring. For those of you are still unaware of what database mirroring is like, let us acquaint you with it. Database mirroring is actually a way to increase the availability of an SQL Server Database. You must also know that this feature is implemented...

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