File Recovery

Hassle-Free Techniques to Fix Problems in Outlook PST File

Though the Personal Storage Files or PST files have proved to be a very effective storage format for Microsoft Outlook, it is very vulnerable and suffers corruption quite easily. Our article looks at ways in which we can fix problems in Outlook PST file using Outlook tools and third-party applications. One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft Outlook application is the centralized storage system that it uses to store all the email messages and folders, respective attachments, contact...

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Get to Know the Limitations of Outlook PST Files

Microsoft Outlook has many powerful features that have led to its becoming one of the most popular email clients being used currently. However, the file storage format that it uses – Personal Storage Files or PST files – have some limitations. Knowing these limitations will help users find ways of getting around them and using Outlook more efficiently. There is no doubt that many Microsoft Outlook users are looking at ways to get the maximum out of their favorite email client. They look...

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Easy Recovery of Deleted Outlook Items

As a regular Outlook user, you may have on more than one occasion, accidentally deleted mails or other Outlook items. We suggest ways in which deleted outlook items can be easily recovered from the Deleted Items folder or using powerful third-party tools. Two of the most popular email clients from Microsoft are Microsoft Outlook Express, the lightweight application while Microsoft Outlook works as a complete personal management tool as well. While Outlook Express stores all its data in DBX...

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