File Recovery

Tips to Safely and Securely Archive Outlook Data

Archiving and backing up PST files is not the only way to ensure safety of Outlook data. Copying email messages to folders and backing up them are other efficient ways of protecting valuable email data. Searching through these email folders works much faster during a recovery process as our article explains. While the Personal Storage File or PST file offers a very efficient way of storing and searching for items, it is not very easy to archive items using the file. Many experts therefore...

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Steps To Take When Outlook PST File Gets Corrupted Without Warning

Some versions of Outlook place a limit on the size of the PST file but unfortunately do not actually prevent the file from reaching that size. In fact, it does not even warn the user of the file size while the result of crossing the limit is instant corruption in the PST file. Our article looks at how users should constantly monitor the size of the PST file to avoid this problem. Very often, Outlook experts are approached by users who unknowingly have crossed the size limit of around 2 GB,...

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Simplified Steps to Recovering Outlook Data

The Personal Storage Files or PST files can suffer from corruption due to a variety of reasons – from size limits imposed by Microsoft Outlook to malicious attacks. There is a real fear of data being lost under these circumstance and we look at ways in which we can easily recover Outlook data from a corrupt PST file. One of the most popular personal management software, also used predominantly as an email client, is Microsoft Outlook. Just as this software is fairly well-known, the storage...

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