File Recovery

Understand why at times Scan PST fails to repair corrupted pst files

The ScanPST tool allows users to repair corrupt and inaccessible PST or OST files on Outlook. It is of great importance to the users of Outlook as it helps them repair and recover the data stored on such files. Sometimes the tool fails to repair the corrupted files. Lets understand why something like this happens. Microsoft Outlook, the email management client by the software giant, allows users to view, read and send email messages straight from the desktop without accessing the web...

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Quick tips on managing and recovering personal folders files in outlook

Personal folders or PST files on Outlook, allow users to store information they share and receive on the platform. It also lets them store configuration settings and other personal information such as contact list and calender entries. Let us see how to manage and recover such files. Personal storage tables (PST) or personal folder files form a significant part of the Outlook platform. The Outlook email client from Microsoft, allows users to manage their email accounts and create...

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Quick tips for locating Scanpst.exe on your machine for recovering outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows users to manage their email accounts and maintain a calender, to do tasks, make notes and surf the internet. Even though the application is widely used and is known for its efficient functionality, it sometimes encounters problems or errors. For that purpose Microsoft has provided the Outlook Repair tool or the scanpst.exe tool. Lets find out exactly how to locate the tool on the system. The Outlook email management tool from Microsoft allows users to manage...

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