File Recovery

Get More from your Database with Database Reliability

Almost every business will have one or more databases that are critical for their success. Modern word processing software has made the creation and use of these databases much less work intensive than in the past, while their paperless nature has offered many advantages over the physical copies of yesteryear. With the right management and structuring a database can serve as not only a valuable store of information but as an active marketing and analytics tool. To accomplish this you need a...

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Responding to Excel Problems

Microsoft Excel is the premier spreadsheet management software on the market today and has been for years. It’s numerous uses include complex data analysis and summation that supports the day to day operations of countless businesses around the world. It is fair to say that this program is essential to many businesses. However, frequently errors and inconsistencies can occur when dealing with large, complex, or most frequently, old spreadsheets. These can range from incorrect outputs from...

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Managing a Clean and Safe Database

As any long-term database administrator knows, the challenges associated with managing a frequently accessed and modified database are varied and possibly dangerous. Businesses store years worth of critical files, trade figures, client details, and a smorgasbord of other information, often completely digitally, and these files are imperiled by malware and less malevolent forces like software errors and power issues. When confronting these safe database issues there are several procedural rules...

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