File Recovery

Working with Notes in Ms Outlook

Imagine a business environment even just three decades back where most work in offices was done on paper. Computers were only found in large enterprises and were used for limited functions. For jotting down everything you just needed to take notes on paper. Now with computers, Smartphones and PDAs proliferating nearly corner of the industrialized world, taking notes on paper have become passé. However we still experience the need to write down small nuggets of information and you may use your...

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Using the Ms Outlook application in a Small Business Setup

In a challenging business environment, the pressure to perform is often more on small businesses. As opposed to their enterprise counterparts they neither have the cash to invest in new technology nor the manpower to diversify or restructure in quick time. When productivity is crucial for survival, every small business owner should look to utilize the resources available at hand to their fullest. Now a large number of small businesses have the Ms Outlook client installed in their PCs, largely...

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Quick tips to avoid an Ms Outlook crash

If you are a regular user of the Outlook email client then it is quite certain that your primary business email account is configured in it. Over a given timeframe the Outlook client would have become a huge repository of valuable communication data, contact information and even scheduling details. Now it would be a sheer disaster if you were to lose this information due to an Outlook crash as it would put your critical data at risk. In case you hope to avoid an Outlook crash, we suggest that...

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